Outback Pony Rides is a fun activity for children to experience pony rides in a safe, friendly farm environment. We cater for children aged between 3-12 yrs old. Children under 3yrs old can pet our miniature pony or have a fun experience in our Pony Cart ride.

Our ponies are safe and friendly ponies that are trained with natural horsemanship methods and desensitizing training to assist in high volume environments of unexpected sounds and actions.

All our ponies work very hard and they are cared for and rested regularly as our priority is the safety and wellbeing of riders and our ponies.

All rides are lead by experienced handlers and helmets must be worn by all riders.

* We encourage enclosed footwear to be worn.


Pony Rides

  • $20 per ride

Pony Cart Ride

  • $15 per ride
Bookings Essential